The Quiver
Archery Range

Brand Identity, Signage, Wayfinding

Vedros Studio

Creative Director: Meryl Vedros
Designers: Meryl Vedros and Madi Clark
Strategist: Samihan Shani
Naming and Copywriting: Dana Covit and Nicole Best
Photographers: Tim Hennessey, Nick Vedros, and Jason Adler

We were excited to disrupt the stagnant archery industry with something energetic and upbeat. Starting from scratch and working alongside the architect and park department in Bentonville, Arkansas, we aimed to create something striking and memorable — as well as welcoming to newcomers and trained archers alike.

Using design as an invitation to play and become entranced in the meditative sport, we placed color and scale at the forefront. Balancing traditional type styles with more modern expressions, we nodded to the vast history of the sport while creating a decidedly modern, fresh visual language and vibe.